Please be careful the cake is a lie


Hi there. My name is Tamás Michelberger and I am - as probably you guessed - a software engineer. I’m mostly interested in backend technologies and architecture but I can get by on the frontend as well. At some point in my life I thought that UX and interaction design was something that will keep me awake at night so I worked on a few UI related projects. Unfortunately it turned out that I have zero talent for anything that is graphical design. Luckily at that time I was getting more and more into backend stuff so a little course correction did not hurt at all.

Currently I work at Secret Sauce Partners, Inc. trying to make the world a better place for anyone who buys apparel online by giving awesome size recommendations.

I’m quite proud of my master’s thesis project which was about distributed model transformations. The implementation is basically useless but it shows some interesting ideas. You can find the code and the thesis itself over at Github.

At work I mainly use Ruby, Rails, AWS and Docker with a hint of PostgreSQL and MongoDB. On my own time I like to experiment with Ruby, Go, Elm and the new shiny framework of the day, so I can get back to old battle-tested one with a new appreciation.

You can reach me on twitter @tmichelberger.

The very first post written on this blog. It might not give you deeper insight, but it is a milestone nonetheless.