Please be careful the cake is a lie

Math Is Necessary for Software Development

Math Is Not Necessary for Software Development

On writing C

A few days ago I had to write some C code again. I haven’t written a single line of C since freshman year. And that was 5 years ago. That is a long time and this little home assignment made me realize a few things.

Testing. Testing. Testing.

I dropped this little pearl in my code the other day.

TIL: initialize an array with uniform values in C

Sometime I admire C and then in the next moment I want to die out of frustration. Immutable strings are a gift from the gods by the way. I can only now appreciate them properly. It’s a shame that C does not have them.

How lazy is Hibernate's lazy initialization?

Originally I was going to give a more catchy title, but then I figured there is no need to pick on Hibernate. It actually does its job well when you manage to tame it.